• Garret Martin
  • June 15, 2016

For the safety of our young women, we do not display sponsorship information publicly. Please request access to our sponsorships page if you are interested in providing support.

Sponsorship FAQs

How is this different from other sponsorships? Sponsoring a child through Hosea’s Heart may be different than other monthly sponsorships such as World Vision or Save the Children, etc. When you sponsor a child through Hosea’s Heart, you are fulfilling our mission statement by contributing not only to the physical needs of the child, but the emotional and spiritual needs as well. Our care for each child calls for a holistic, restorative approach in which the child is first of all safe and second of all in an environment in which she can flourish. Therefore, we maintain high standards for our services and care for our children. By choosing to sponsor or partially sponsor one of our children, you are empowering her to achieve healing in her present and hope for her future.

You can choose several sponsorship amounts:  1) The cost of a full sponsorship of each girl is $90 per month. 2) The cost of a partner sponsorship, where you share half of the full sponsorship amount with another sponsor, is $45 per month.  3) The cost of a partial sponsorship, where you share a portion of the full sponsorship with two other sponsors, is $30 per month.

All support money is used directly for services for the child.  There are no office or additional fees taken from this sponsorship amount.  Your support money offers your child safety, shelter, transportation, food, toiletries, medical/dental care, counseling, education, and life-skills (see chart at the bottom).  Your sponsorship also gives each child a birthday cake and small gift on her birthday, which is something that most girls have never celebrated before entering our home.

You may choose to pay monthly or give a one-time donation of the full yearly cost. In either case, you may submit payments in the following two ways:  a. Use our online payment system, or  b. Pay by check, making your check payable to: Hosea’s Heart; write “Sponsorship” and the name of your child on the memo.  Mail checks to: Hosea’s Heart, P.O. Box 695, Marshall, WI 53559.

Yes, Hosea’s Heart is a 501(c)3 non-profit, and all donations are tax-deductible.

No, but you be contacted if your support is two months or more behind.  To alleviate the burden of remembering when to make payments, you may sign up for automatic monthly withdrawals on our website.

Each child needs the sponsorship assistance until she completes her transition phase, one year after completing high school. If she plans to further her education and go to college, you may choose to continue sponsoring her through her college or vocational training.

We hope your commitment to sponsor a child is for at least a year, and if possible, until the child finishes high school. If at any time you feel unable to continue as a sponsor, you may discontinue, but please notify Hosea’s Heart first via email: info@hoseasheart.org.

Yes, we will encourage the children to write at least twice a year. However, if your child has not yet learned to write, you’ll receive other types of correspondence such as a piece of art drawn or colored by your child or a greeting card. Please note: the name of your child that appears on the website or other print material is a second name used by the child, not her real name so as to protect the child.  When you choose to sponsor a child and you begin communicating, you will receive her real name, and she is free to share any information about herself that she feels comfortable sharing.

Names are important.  Your child will know your name and treasure the thought that you really care. You may write to your child using the following address:

Hosea’s Heart
PO Box C2536

Please note that mail can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months to reach Swaziland.

A. Send a photo of yourself and family, and tell about each family member. B. Special hobbies you may have.
 C. Church activities.
  D. School activities of you or your children.
  E. Special family celebrations.
  F. Description of the weather.
  G. A Bible verse and lots of encouragement.

Please do not mention anything about material possessions or our affluent society. Most children can speak and write in English but it will be helpful to write in clear, simple English.

There are special needs or projects that frequently occur where extra funds are needed. Sometimes the girls need funds to go on field trips or have holiday meals or celebrations. However, because we do these events as a family, as a group, we do not ask for individual funds for these events; instead, we’d like the sponsors to contribute to a group outing or event rather than the individual child.  This promotes unity among the group and eliminates any jealousy or unfairness among whose sponsors gave extra money or not. For this same reason, we ask that the sponsors do not send gifts for the child unless it can shared with every child in the home or unless the sponsor sends enough items for every child to receive something.

Additional Services Chart:

Services provided: Content Description: Physical Emotional Spiritual Holistic
Personal hygiene workshop: Lessons on menstruation, dental hygiene, bacteria, bathing, using deodorant, etc. X
Communal hygiene: Lessons on bacteria and spread of diseases, washing dishes, kitchen cleanliness, and common room cleanliness  


Healthy bodies workshop: Exercise, balanced diets, rest, lessons on sugars, carbohydrates, and protein X
Healthy minds workshop:


Rest, meditation, journaling, stress and stress relief, “The Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyer devotional X X X X
Life skills: Cooking & the science of nutrition Balanced meals, basic cooking and baking X
Beauty workshop: Dressing modestly, what is modesty, what is beauty, inner beauty X X X X
AIDS/HIV Information, dispelling myths, inspiring stories of people living with HIV, hope, and counseling X X X X
Life Skills: Finances and Budgets How to make a budget, smart spending, needs vs. wants X
Media: Fashion, music, movies, etc. How society is affected by media and how it impacts our spirituality X X
Leadership: Skills and importance of standing up for what is right, fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves X
Healthy relationships: Conflict management, communication skills, respecting authority, community living X X X X
Study habits Self-discipline and time management and study skills (memorization skills) X
Goal-setting Academic goals, health/fitness goals, etc. X
Counselling Every girl is require to undergo counseling at some point during her stay X X
Expressing emotions Journaling, music, drama, arts X
Bible: How to find a verse, old vs. new testament, who wrote the bible, how is it effective today? X
God’s love: Agape love, unconditional, who is God? Who is Jesus? What is love? X X
God’s voice: Holy Spirit, prayer X
Worship Praise vs. worship, worship as a lifestyle, honoring God X
Self-worth Loving self, living with a purpose X X
Ministry and Servanthood Serving the church and surrounding community X
Forgiveness Forgiving self, forgiving others X X
Spiritual warfare Knowing the real enemy and learning how to live in constant victory X X
Culture What to do when culture clashes with Christianity. X
Godly womanhood: Roles in marriage, dating, purity, and singleness X X
Choosing a career/ further education Assessing strengths, desires, talents, and dreams to create hope for a future X

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