• Garret Martin
  • April 11, 2017

Thanks to the generosity and support of our donors, the Education Center is nearly complete! With the building fully funding, we now turn our attention to furnishing the school to launch into the new year teaching in our brand new education center.

Before we can begin teaching in the new education center, we need to fill the empty shell to turn it into a school. Help us reach the final sprint in raising funds to furnish the education center!

“I love that I am still alive because of Hosea’s Heart. I eat, drink, and sleep safely because of Hosea’s Heart’s help. It makes me feel at home. I believe in myself now, and God has helped show me the love that I needed.”
–Emily, age 19

Take a look at the current New Roots progress!

Through your support, we’re excited to add these building to campus during phase II of the expansion!

Education Center

Family House 3

Volunteer Housing

Education Center - 80% funded!
Education Center - 80% funded!
Phase II Plan Details

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