• Garret Martin
  • September 14, 2020

“You stood for the forgotten, least and the last, and by doing so you brought peace, joy and freedom in my heart.” –18 year old survivor

The total cost of holistic, restorative care for one child is $4,500 per year. That means it only takes $375 per girl per month to provide all of the following: rehabilitation, counseling, safety, full time care takers, night guard, education, teachers, curriculum, medical care, food, clothing, water, electricity, toiletries, and more! While it’s amazing to be able to offer restorative care for only $375/month, we also realize it’s a daunting number. Therefore, we have broken down our sponsorship options to more manageable amounts. You can choose to support one child or our teaching staff at any one of the following:

  • Sponsor a Girl – Safety – $50/mo – includes 24/7 security guards, fencing, etc.
  • Sponsor a Girl – Basic Needs –  $75/mo – includes food, water, clothing, medical, etc.
  • Sponsor a Girl – Programs – $100/mo – includes birthdays, holidays, athletics, art, community outreach, staffing, spiritual transformation, supplies, etc.
  • Sponsor a Girl – Rehabilitation – $150/mo – includes social services, counseling, life skills, full time house mothers, etc.
  • Full Sponsorship – $375/mo – Rehabilitation, Programs, Basic Needs, and Safety for one girl

Questions? Email sponsorships@hoseasheart.org to discuss details or learn about other donation options.

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