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  • October 3, 2014
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Gogo and Mkhulu’s Visit

Gogo & Mkhulu's Visit (Grandma and Grandpa) By "Whitney" A few weeks ago, 2 very special people visited our girls’ home in eSwatini. They are part of our board of directors, parents of Mary Kate, our Executive Director, and are considered grandparents by our girls. Peg and Steve Martin, or “Gogo and Mkhulu,” as our

New Growth Partnership Spotlight: Washington County Anti-Trafficking Advocates

oday we are featuring another New Growth Parter - an organization who we absolutely ADORE & who have helped us hit the ground running on our New Growth Expansion  Introducing: Washington Co. Anti-Trafficking Advocates! When asked what makes HH a ministry that stands out to them, Wendy shared, “There are just some people in this world that

Hosea’s Heart Through a Photographer’s Lens

Hosea's Heart Through a Photographer's Lens By Anthony Butz I’ve had many jobs and worn many hats. I’ve been a door-to-door salesman, an assistant manager at a clothing store, and a cemetery groundskeeper, just to name a few. I’m a certified SCUBA diver, a traveler, and I used to help lead ocean kayak tours in

Culture Day 2024

Culture Day By “Whitney” This year’s Swazi Cultural Day was one to remember. The day wasn’t just filled with traditional clothes, food, and music. It was also the first day of construction on our new girls’ home! Here is a note from one of our recent graduates: “For several years we’ve had culture day events,

Hosea’s Heart Honored by European Union

On World NGO Day, Hosea's Heart was HONORED to be chosen as 1 of 10 NGOs selected in eSwatini to receive a monetary award from the EU (European Union) in partnership with Yebo Art Gallery This was a celebration of NGOs that are active in the fight against sexual violence against women and children (GBV

New Growth Partnership Spotlight: Great Lakes Church

This week, we are THRILLED to introduce you to another New Growth Partner, Great Lakes Church in Kenosha, WI When asked what makes Hosea’s Heart stand out as a mission Great Lakes Church is excited to support, they shared, “We love that Hosea’s Heart provides girls with life-skills and resources to succeed– but moreso, we’re

Hawaiian Chicken in Southern Africa

Hawaiian Chicken in Southern Africa By Anthony Butz When I visit a new place I like to take things back with me. I don’t necessarily mean physical objects. There are plenty of those in America. I mean less concrete things. Things like a fun phrase from a foreign language, a story, or a fresh perspective.

New Growth Partnership Spotlight: The Love > hate Project

One of the coolest blessings to come from the "Scars: Up From Ashes" tour this summer was lasting partnerships with local organizations who have similar missions, visions, and values... and The Love > hate Project is one of those incredible organizations! Their mission is "ENDing Interpersonal Violence, Promoting Forgiveness, and Presencing Love"  When asked what makes Hosea's

New Growth Partnership Spotlight: O’Herrin Family

Behind the scenes of Hosea's Heart, the past 2 months have been filled with jaw-dropping generosity  There have been MANY moments that leave us celebrating, teary-eyed, and speechless... and it's because of people who have excitedly said "YES! We are all in to seeing the "New Growth" expansion become a reality!" So before we share how

105 Days In Africa

Reflections on my time serving Hosea’s Heart in eSwatini... By Anthony Butz “You should visit!  You should visit!” Echo the excited words of a young Swazi woman, who somehow found herself in Watertown, Wisconsin on a cold November morning.  I was having lunch with two new friends that I had met just a few days

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