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  • October 3, 2014
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New Growth Partnership Spotlight: The Love > hate Project

One of the coolest blessings to come from the "Scars: Up From Ashes" tour this summer was lasting partnerships with local organizations who have similar missions, visions, and values... and The Love > hate Project is one of those incredible organizations! Their mission is "ENDing Interpersonal Violence, Promoting Forgiveness, and Presencing Love"  When asked what makes Hosea's

New Growth Partnership Spotlight: O’Herrin Family

Behind the scenes of Hosea's Heart, the past 2 months have been filled with jaw-dropping generosity  There have been MANY moments that leave us celebrating, teary-eyed, and speechless... and it's because of people who have excitedly said "YES! We are all in to seeing the "New Growth" expansion become a reality!" So before we share how

105 Days In Africa

Reflections on my time serving Hosea’s Heart in eSwatini... By Anthony Butz “You should visit!  You should visit!” Echo the excited words of a young Swazi woman, who somehow found herself in Watertown, Wisconsin on a cold November morning.  I was having lunch with two new friends that I had met just a few days

2023 Year End Letter

Happy end of 2023! What a year it’s been! Not just because we celebrated our Ten Year Anniversary, but also because of the innumerable wins accomplished in just the past 11 months. In January, we launched the year focusing on 3 themes: family, sustainability, and being set apart. Despite different departments and various job descriptions,

Weekly Wins!

2020 Weekly Wins! Join us in celebrating our weekly wins on our Facebook page! http://facebook.com/hoseasheart

2020 Ambassador Trip – Applications Open!

2020 Winter Ambassador Info Packet and Application   Every winter, we get excited to invite a group of visitors to Swaziland to join our family for a couple of weeks with our Winter Ambassador program. Earlier this year, we made some really cool changes to the program (read about it here!) extending the reach of

Would You Send Me Away?

  “If you had to send one of us away, like take one of us out of Hosea’s Heart, and you had to pick one of us… who would you pick?” One of my teenagers sprang the question on me and caught me off guard. I think she noticed my frown of confusion because she continued without allowing

2019 Prayer Guide

Let’s start the new year right by joining together in unified prayer! Follow along with this 2019 Prayer Guide to support the young women of Swaziland.   direct download <span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start” data-mce-style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;”></span>

2019 Winter Ambassador Celebrations

The 2019 Hosea’s Heart Ambassadors have returned from eSwatini ready to serve Hosea’s Heart for the year! Ambassadors travel to eSwatini for two weeks during January and then stay involved in Hosea’s Heart for the year, using their strengths to serve in America. If you’re curious how ambassadors serve Hosea’s Heart check out the Ambassador

2019 Winter Ambassador Trip Revamp

Hosea’s Heart has opened applications for a revamped ambassador program! Check out the ambassador information packet for more information. To sum it up, ambassadors will take part in a mutually beneficial relationship by traveling to Swaziland and then returning to America to use their talents and strengths to further the mission of Hosea’s Heart. The objections

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