• Garret Martin
  • June 15, 2016
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Short-Term Missions

Ambassador Trips
Are you 18 years or older?  Do you have the following any of the following skills and/or interests: tutoring, teaching, arts, crafts, group activities, sports, team building, vacation bible school, service projects, etc.?  Do you cherish your relationship with Jesus and live your faith in an authentic way? Are you looking for a meaningful way to spend your summer or January vacation with other like-minded Christians?  Then the ambassador trip is a great opportunity for you!

Summer Ambassador Trip

  • Trip dates: 4-5 weeks June/July
  • Minimum number of team members: 4
  • Maximum number of team members: 10
  • Focus is on tutoring, teaching, skills building (arts, crafts, music, sports, etc.), vacation bible school, service projects
Winter Ambassador Trip

  • Trip dates: 2 weeks in early January
  • Minimum number of team members: 3
  • Maximum number of team members 10
  • Focus on planning activities and camps (educational, spiritual, physical, mental, team building) for kids while on school break

Download 2018 Info Packet

Individual Volunteer Trips
Do you have a specific skill set or experience in the following areas: business, marketing, budgeting, construction, education, counseling, self-defense, hand crafts, medical/dental, etc.?  Are you looking for a missions opportunity in which you can plan your own travel and trip details?  Then the individual volunteer trip is for you!

  • Trip dates: 4 weeks during school break in-between terms
    • April 15 – May 15 (end of Term 1)
    • August 15 – September 15  (end of Term 2)
    • December 15 – January 15 (end of Term 3)
  • Focus: Teaching a specific set of skills the volunteer is expert in or passionate about (such as: business, marketing, budgeting, construction, education, counseling, self-defense, hand crafts, medical/dental, etc.), and planning activities for girls while on school break
  • NOTE: Because this is an individual trip, all expenses and travel details are dependent upon the individual, such as booking flights and arranging transport. It is recommended that the individual raises $2,500 for the month for his/her own food, tourist activities, rent/water/electricity at the provided volunteer house, and of course plane tickets (you can get tickets from $1,200-$1,800).

Long-Term Missions

Yearlong Volunteer Internship

This unique cultural exchange is likely to affect those who participate, leaving them undoubtedly changed and more aware of themselves and their greater connection to the people of this planet.  This is an immersion trip. To immerse is to “plunge into, or to absorb deeply.” Those participating on this trip cannot but help to immerse themselves into the culture, language, lifestyle, social justice and spirituality of the people of Swazi and the Hope for Life Home.

The current home can house up to 16 abused or at-risk girls ages ranging from 6-18 (with exceptions based on cases).  There is one Swazi house mother and one Swazi house sister who manage the daily duties of the home such as: cooking, cleaning, disciplining, and being mother figures for the girls.  As an intern, one of the primary roles is to work hand in hand with the Swazi house mother to support and aid her in home.  The mentor must keep in mind she is only there for a year, while these house mother lives there long term.  Building positive relationships with the house mothers is of utmost importance.

In addition to working with the Swazi house mothers, the intern is expected to be a mentor and positive role model to the girls.  She is expected to do the following:


  • 4 year degree or equivalent work experience with sexually abused girls
  • Emotional maturity grounded in a Christian faith
  • Previously international travel and/or volunteer work
  • Strong interpersonal skills and effective communication


  • We recommend the intern raises $9,000 for the year (detailed information in application and interview)

Spiritual Guidance and Leadership

  • lead and organize in house Bible studies, prayers, worship times
  • attend church service with the girls at least once a month and attend the church of your choice all other Sundays
    • It is not an option to skip or miss church

Social Work

  • collaborate with Social Welfare Department in placing girls in home and arranging proper welcome and transition procedures
  • read and memorize the handbook in order to know all policies and expectations
  • start and maintain case files on girls and help with treatment plans
  • update and organize files, working towards a sound exit plan for each girl
  • perform home visits/follow ups
  • document progress in profiles of each phase and when a girl completes one of the physical, emotional, spiritual, or holistic checkpoints
  • Act as social worker on behalf of women working at Blossom House Training Center

Education and Life Skills

  • Homeschooling
    • Primary education levels with focus on phonics and reading
    • Secondary education with focus on math and science
  • Tutoring
  • Organizing life skills lessons and timelines

Outreach for Prostitutes

  • When men are present, participate in monthly street night, where we minister to prostitutes and offer them free rides home.
  • When men are not present but there is a Swazi present and at least 3 people, participate in monthly street night.
  • Lead bible study once a week in Mangwaneni Squatter Camp

Dream for a Dream

Is dreaming dangerous? For young girls in Swaziland, Africa, dreaming is a luxury. And hope is dangerous…when you have to sell your body for a bar of soap, when you have to live your nightmares every day. Hope—for a life of safety, for friends, for a childhood—is forever out of reach. But we if we could change that? What if we could pursue our dreams and in the process help these girls achieve their dreams—a dream for a dream?

Every day for 7 years Chris Owen swam, biked, and ran. His dream: qualify for and compete at the Ironman World Championships in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. On October 13 2012, that dream came true, and in the process, so did the future dreams of young Swazi girls. After qualifying for the world championship, Owen started a fundrasier that invited individuals, families, organizations, and businesses to “sponsor” a mile of his Ironman race for $100. All of the proceeds benefited the future operation of the girls home (Hope for Life) in Swaziland. Collectively, the total funds raised was just over $6,000! Chris said, “Passionately pursuing my dream–the Ironman World Championships–has provided a tremendous platform to promote Hosea’s Heart. We can empower these girls to pursue their own dreams, and in the process, create a life filled with hope rather than fear and disappointment.”

It was through Chris’ dream that the very first funds for Hosea’s Heart were raised… it was his dream that helped to make it all happen. Since then, many other supporters have used their own gifts, talents, and passions to join the mission of Hosea’s Heart in beautifully unique ways, raising money, spreading awareness, and investing in the girls in Swaziland.

Do you have a dream? Would you be interested in leveraging that dream to help the young girls of Swaziland break the cycle of sexual abuse and pursue their own dreams? Hosea’s Heart encourages and supports unique, entrepreneurial ideas. Please contact us to share yours!

Become a 2018 Winter Ambassador!

Applications are now open for our 2018 Winter Ambassador Trip! Download the information/application packet below to learn more or to apply.
Applications must be submitted by October 15, 2017. 

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