I found out my life wasn’t normal…

When I realized that not every family has a sock basket, filled with all the unmatched socks from the laundry.  And that not every mother pays her children one cent for every pair of socks that they match.  And that not every child thinks that’s a brilliant way to make money.

Not every family sits down together for dinner every night, and then proceeds to go around the table taking turns sharing “one good thing about your day,” as instructed by Mom.

Not every family gathers at the end of the hall for prayer every night.

Not every family gets together with their extended family “just because” we want to spend more time together.

Not every family breaks out in a stomp routine at a random moment that echoes throughout the house.

Not every family makes up a their own band, makes homemade videos, and organizes dance routines.

Not every family loves one another and spends time together, not because they have to but because they want to.

Not every family chooses to stay together.

Not every family supports the one that dreams to be overseas and dares live an abnormal life.

Not every family lives for the Lord like mine does.
That’s why I’m not normal to the eyes of the world.
But to my family, I’m just me. A girl with dream to live an abnormal life.

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