Journal Entries Continued: April 14th

4-14-11 Thursday

Wow, God! I am speechless! I cannot thank and praise you enough for your goodness and how you are working in Tenele’s life. Your surprises take my breath away! Thank you for your power and goodness and victory. Continue to send your Spirit upon Tenele! Set her free.

Today was incredible. After school in the morning, I was just chillin at the house when it started down pouring, and I heard my name. It almost sounded like Tenele’s voice but I knew not to get my hopes up. But it came again, and there she was! With Johannes and her friend Zinhle. I was so surprised! They came up and Tenele was herself. They looked through pictures on my laptop and then suddenly Tenele got up, told her friend to keep looking, grabbed my hand and pulled me aside. We went to my room to talk. I had been praying for an opportunity to have a real conversation with her. I hadn’t had a real conversation with her all year. She said my name and paused, like she wanted to say something but didn’t. Then she talked about her photos. I took the opportunity to talk with her about being pregnant and said we should to to the clinic so she could get checked to see for sure if she was pregnant or not. When I asked to take her there today, she said, “No, tomorrow…” but I said, “No, Tenele, because you won’t come tomorrow. We need to go today.” Then she nodded in agreement and said, “okay.” I was shocked. “Really?!” “Yes,” she said, without a fight! Wow! It was amazing.

God, how can I not be captivated by you? Though I’m eager to record every detail of today, I just can’t praise you enough. Psalm 145 says it all. Lord, you have captured my heart. You are all I need. Your love is my breath, always there, always present and moving and fulfilling. Thank you!

Touch Cedric in his sleep tonight. Speak to his heart. Wake him and shake him from his sin. Soften his heart as you finally did to Pharaoh, that he will let Tenele go.

You, Oh Lord, are Victory.

All my love,
all of me,
all the time,

4-15-11 Friday

Since I didn’t have time to recall all the events from yesterday, I am writing this morning. So yesterday…

Tenele willingly came to the clinic with me! Johannes and Zinhle were asked to stay in the outside waiting while I went in with Tenele. It was so good because the doctor asked her questions in English and Tenele was nervous and embarrassed to answer in front of me. He asked her about her boyfriend and other personal questions that were good for Tenele to answer in front of me…

While we waited for the pregnancy test results, poor girl was so nervous and ashamed. I encourage her, hugged her, held her hand, I gently lifted her chin so she’d look at me and I said, “Good job, Tenele. I am so proud of you for coming.”

I watched the test as it showed positive. When the docs told her it was positive, her face fell, the doc said, “Congratulations, you’re pregnant!” and she laughed awkwardly. I sighed, embraced the news, and smiling said to Tenele, “Okay, you’re pregnant. Now that means I’m a gogo.” (grandma)

As we waited for some medicine, just the two of us sat together and talked. For the first time in 8 months, we had a real conversation! Because of this, it’s a day I will never forget. I told her about Marcia and how Marcia could help her. We talked about “no more drinking and smoking” and I asked about what they are going to do with the baby. (no plans) I asked about Cedric and if how he treats her and beats her, etc. Instead of denying it as she always did, she actually talked about it this time! She said, “Mary-Kate…”
“He no more beats me.”
“Really? Why?”
“I told him if he beats me again I’ll tell Mary-Kate and she’ll come with the police. He don’t beat me now.”

I couldn’t help but laugh with joy. She’s FINALLY getting it! (I had been trying to tell her over and over that there are things we can do to help her get away from Cedric and that he shouldn’t be beating her, etc.) She’s finally taking a step on her own to stand up to Cedric and to embrace that she does have a choice, and that she should not be beaten. Hallelujah! Yebo Jesu! 🙂

She told me about how she ran into her sister from Fairview yesterday and her sister told her she needs to leave Cedric. But it’s really good because Tenele seems more interested in leaving Cedric, though you can tell she’s still not quite ready by her eyes when I asked, “Tenele, do you WANT to leave Cedric?” She hesitated and said yes, but her eyes said she wasn’t ready to leave. But I could just SEE the inner battle she faces–she wants to leave of course, yet she’s not ready.

I asked if I could talk to Cedric. Surprisingly, she said yes this time. She has told me no before. “I will tell him today you want to talk to him,” she said with a big smile on her face.

Back at the house, I prodded her further. “Should I write him a note?” she shook her head yes and smiled. So I wrote him a one page letter, asking how he is, telling him I pray for him, teling him my mission ot care for Tenele, asking him to encrouage her to make the right choice and leave Mangwaneni while she’s prengnat, etc.

After writing the letter, I asked if the kids were hungry. Tenele nodded yes! (Sometimes she refuses to eat.) So I made them fried eggs and peanut butter bread. They ate every last bite.

I walked them a long way back to Mangwaneni but turned around before the traffic circle. I hugged Tenele and prayed for her right there on the street corner. And I prayed for Cedric and the letter.

Oh, Lord, touch their hearts. Yahweh, there is power in your name!

Yahweh sets prisoners free! (Ps 146:7)

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