Child, Look Again

 After exposing my inner anguish and admitting my
struggles with joy and self, I was encouraged by several people to commit more
time to prayer.  My friend Jess told me
that Mother Teresa’s Sisters of Charity commit two hours of prayer every day so
their ministry might be successful.  So I
went to mass and stayed after to pray. 
Thanks to Fr. Al, who taught me about vision-prayer (to picture myself
with Jesus and imagine what He might say to me, etc.) this has become a
transformative part of my spiritual life. 
Because my journal holds my heart and my heart says it
best, this update is fresh from my journal— a sneak peek– no, an in-depth
splash–into an incredible experience that new words cannot recreate.
I recorded the visions that unfolded that morning in my

Mother Mary stood over me, with one hand on my left
shoulder and the other palm lifted up toward God as she prayed for me.  She asked me what was wrong.  I said, “I don’t know,” and I cried aloud in
the chapel (luckily I was the only one in there).
            She said, “You’re hurt and
angry.  Why are you angry?”
            I kept crying and said, “I don’t
            She continued, “You’re angry at
           I said, “Yes” and choked down a
           She said, “Tell your Mother
everything.  Why are you angry at
          “Because I can’t do this.  I’m miserable here.  I’m bitter and I only see girls as burdens
now.  I hate my sin and myself.  Yes, I’m angry at myself and that God is not
giving me what I need.”
do you need?” she asked.
don’t know,” my common answer.  “A
husband, a Simeon, or someone to help carry my cross.”
don’t remember the rest of that part, but what I remember next is her saying,
“Jesus, come and minister to this child.”
came and held my folded hands and said, “I love you.”  I cried again.
I remember being invited to the throne room by God himself and I physically
shook my head no and wept, telling God I am not worthy, I cannot enter his throne
room.  He said it’s a feast He has
prepared for me—for me, the honored
guest, and I couldn’t believe it!  He
wouldn’t take no for an answer and I appeared at a feast, a table of food and
wine in the middle and a long table on both sides where people sat.  Someone invited me to join them at an empty
God showed me a mirror.  He said, “What
do you see?”
cried again because I saw in myself nothing good.  I saw pain, lack of joy, loneliness.
said, “Child, look again.”
I looked again I saw people forming a V behind me, like the shape of birds
flying south, but I was the point, the head. 
St. Michael was at my right and angels were behind me.
you are NEVER alone,” He said.
Mary appeared again with the motherly command, “She needs to be ministered to
and she needs healing.”
confirmed, “Come to Me and you will find rest. 
You need DO nothing.  You need to
find what joy looks like.  You cannot do
that if you don’t come to my feast.” 
Then I pictured the feast, the laughing, the music, the dancing, and I
pictured Jesus doing my ‘shake baby shake’ dance.  Now THAT made me laugh!  God commanded that I come to his feast every
day for the next week.
Mother Mary appeared again, she was washing my feet.  And I thought of my own mom.  Mother Mary reminded me that my mom is like
her at Calvary.  That my mom weeps for me
as Mary did for Jesus.  That my mom is
walking this road with me even though I can’t always see her, just as Jesus
didn’t always see his mother, but she saw him. 
Mary told me to give my burdens to my mom, to tell her of my suffering,
so she can take it from me, she can help give me courage.  “Your mom is a powerful prayer.  Let her fight for you.”  As she finished washing my feet, she led me
to a room of beds, all white, and told me to lay down and rest.  Then she left me and continued ministering to
others at their beds, fallen warriors, those getting recovery to be sent back
out into battle.

I ended my journal with a commitment of returning to mass
(His Feast) every day for the next week. 
This was over a week ago, and indeed I’ve felt healed, built-up, restored
and not once have I felt alone.  “Bless
the Lord, who has crowned you with glory. 
May he grant you wisdom of heart to govern his people in justice.”
–Sirach 45:26  

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  • Peg Martin

    Tuesday, 04 Aug, 2015

    Mary-Kate, I weep for you, this time in Joy. I prayed that week that Our Mother would make herself known to you and Laura. Praise God for giving us such a beautiful servant and mother. Her obedience and love is so overwhelming. Your vision reminds me of the one God gave me a year ago after receiving Jesus in the Eucharistic Feast…. I closed my eyes to worship Him, my heart outpouring with love for My Bridegroom… as I closed my eyes, I was given the vision of Jesus holding out His hand to me as if to dance. I reached up to take His hand and He twirled me around…. OH WHAT JOY I FELT in His presense…. Such freedom, such immense JOY… as He twirled me around He presented me to His Mother Mary sitting on the Throne. She was wearing her crown….
    I feel sorry for those who do not believe that God gave her to the world to bring us ever closer to His/her Son, Our Savior Jesus Christ. She will never take His place, but bring you/us all into closer union with Him. As she said at the Wedding Feast of Cana…. "Do whatever He tells you".
    Thank you for sharing this BEAUTIFUL vision. You are blessed and we are blessed in having you share it with us.

  • Peg Martin

    Tuesday, 04 Aug, 2015

    I also prayed she would make her love known to the rest of the kids as well.


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