The Swazi Adventures Continue with Hosea’s Heart

The day I have been waiting for all year is now here, and it’s so hard to believe it’s real!  I can’t fathom how much work the Lord has done in just the last year of my life!  After my prayers and frustrations of wanting people to team with me to help these young women in Swaziland, God has answered loud and clear.  He has hand-picked a group of five amazing women to accompany me on this increcible journey.  After just one day of meeting one another, I can already tell these women will impact my life forever as we seek out God’s will for our lives in community and unity.

Pictured below is the Hosea’s Heart Mission Team 2012:

Kirsten, Rachael, Christina, Rosa, and Lindsay
We picked up Christina at the airport last night to complete our team!

We are a day away from Swaziland.  Currently, we are in Chicago for a nine hour layover. Sounds disgusting, right? WRONG!  Thanks to Lenny, Lindsay’s dad, we are enjoying a layover with people in business suits and high heels!  The looks they give me in my basketball shorts and Hosea’s Heart t-shirt are priceless.  We are in the Admirals club, enjoying some complimentary drinks, internet, and comfy seats before we continue to London to Johannesburg to Swaziland!  All the extra layovers give us lots of extra time to bond.

Waiting anxiously in Swaziland are my beautiful kids!  Johannes, Ayanda, and Tenele have been counting down the days of my return and I am so incredibly EXCITED to see them!  I just might melt when I hold baby Mary-Kate (Khetsiwe)!  My Swazi basketball teammates from a year ago are also thrilled to have me come.  They already told me I better be still shooting hoops because they have a game the day after we arrive, and they’re expecting me to join of course!

Though I do not know what this month will be like, I could not be more content resting in the Lord’s hands, knowing that He is so good.

“Be at rest once again, O my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.”  -Pslam 116:7

To read stories from my teammates, go to:

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