Gogo and Mkhulu’s Visit

Gogo & Mkhulu’s Visit (Grandma and Grandpa)
By “Whitney”

A few weeks ago, 2 very special people visited our girls’ home in eSwatini. They are part of our board of directors, parents of Mary Kate, our Executive Director, and are considered grandparents by our girls. Peg and Steve Martin, or “Gogo and Mkhulu,” as our girls know them, spent about 2 weeks here in Swaziland. Here are some reflections from Whitney, one of our graduates, about her grandparent’s visit. 

Grandparents are blessings from God that are irreplaceable. On the afternoon of April 4th, our hearts thumbed wildly when we saw their beautiful faces for the first time in months. We were so overwhelmed by their excitement to see us and it made us feel very special and seen.

Grandpa and Grandma are such wonderful creatures in this world! They always bring joy and happiness to any environment. The fun that we had with them was incredible! I can’t even express in writing how grateful I was to call them my grandparents. They made me feel safe. Their visit was full of fun activities. We danced with them, played paintball, and took turns telling funny stories. It was through moments like these that we realized our grandparent’s love is strong, deep, and filled with memories to treasure and keep. Honestly, our hearts are filled with so much love for them. Sophie, one of our new girls, got to meet them for the first time. “They loved us unconditionally. They were motivating and always ready to lend an ear. They showed us that true love exists,” she said. 

We honestly have no words to describe the love and happiness Grandpa and Grandma showed us during these short few days. Their presence made every day feel like Christmas. My sisters and I hope to send our appreciation to them for building a family full of love and kindness. 

And even though their presence was such a great gift to us on its own, our staff would especially love to send their appreciation for the physical gifts that they blessed them with, including new water bottles, salt, and the chance to make bracelets together. Our Social Worker said, “The gifts we were given are really special to me. I love them so much since I am a person who makes sure that I prioritize self-care.” They have also inspired our spiritual being. It’s clear that their prayers have helped save the entire ministry from many troubles and have also helped each of us on a personal level. One of our teachers expressed, “Fasting with grandma and grandpa was very encouraging spiritually. I liked it when Grandma was praying for all the graduates and current girls. I could see that she is a humble, loving parent and a God-fearing woman.”

Vanessa, one of our current graduates said, “The basketball tournament game with them was fun! I was on Grandma’s team so of course we won and Grandpa lost, even though I asked him to redeem himself! I never had grandparents of my own. Having them closed that gap. I love them both.” 

Gogo and Mkhulu, Your hugs were like the most precious jewelry we would ever have around our necks, and it’s clear that your wisdom and guidance have helped our mom to remain strong and be the woman that she is today. You are like our friends and guardian angels to us. Our minds can’t help but wonder about our favorite moments with you, like at Khuselwa Farm Adventures, where we played paintball. Or when we had fun watching you dance and enjoy the music at home.

May God richly bless them both for their kindness and generosity.

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  • Peg Martin

    Thursday, 16 May, 2024

    Thank you so much for those precious moments a d reminders to f how special our time was with you all…
    ( even though it was brief)

    Love , Gogo

  • Mom

    Thursday, 16 May, 2024

    Whitney!!! You’re an excellent writer. Reading this was so special. Love you!


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