Hosea’s Heart Answering the Cry: “Please, make me something.”

Three years ago, Bongiwe begged me in a letter, “Please, make me something.”  She wasn’t asking for material things, for money, for food, etc.  She was crying out for hope.  

Now three years later, this plea that started the dream behind Hosea’s Heart has now turned into a praise.  For the past year, donors all over have been raising funds for “Litsemba Lemphilo,” Hope for Life home.  The home, created for abused and at-risk for prostitution girls, has been renovated and refurnished to house up to 16 girls with two respite rooms for emergency situations.  As of this April 2013, Hope for Life home officially opened!  It currently embraces six girls, one Swazi house mother, and Christina Hostetter, our long term volunteer from Hosea’s Heart. Christina, an incredible woman who has been my inspiration since I met her on our first mission trip to Swazi in 2008, currently resides in Swazi at the home as the social worker.  Unfortunately, she has only three weeks left of her year long commitment serving for Hosea’s Heart.  Sandy Gallardo, from Oregon, will be her replacement this June and will live in the home for the next year!

Not only are we excited about the official opening of the home, but we are thrilled that the girls already placed at the home can sense new hope and a new life!

 Nine year old Sindi told Christina,

“…Thank you for make me a person…”

What a beautiful fulfillment of the plea that started the mission of Hosea’s Heart!  Join Hosea’s Heart in continuing to answer the call, “Please, make me something.”

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