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I just realized I never actually posted about the biggest excitement of the year: Hosea’s Heart, Inc! An official non-profit organization to empower the abused and at-risk women in Swaziland, Africa!  Chris Owen, co-founder or the organization and age old friend, worked hard behind the scenes all year long to help me legalize the non-profit.  Supporters from all over, some I don’t even know, are thrilled and excited to walk step by step with us in working to build a girls home in Swaziland.  Please read more about Hosea’s Heart at: http://www.hoseasheart.org/index.html

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  • Vicki VanKammen

    Sunday, 30 Dec, 2018

    Hi, I learned about your organization through my church, Great Lakes Church in Kenosha WI. I know that we have done some beautiful things to help your cause. I would love to know about opportunities to help more. We are planning a trip in the Fall to help. I so believe in the remarkable difference you are making in these young ladies lives and would like to be a part of it. God Bless You and I pray for you and the girls. Vicki Van Kammen


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