I Am Who I Am

For our evening devotions, we have been going through a book called, “Lord, I Want to Know You.”  It goes through all the names of God and how his characters are revealed in Scripture.  It’s been very engaging and empowering for us to learn to know our God more intimately.  In light of the study, here’s poem that I’ve compiled for a few of his names.

I Am Who I Am (Jehovah)
I AM El Roi — The God Who Sees
Where you see darkness and dirt
I see desire and desperation.
Where you see poverty and rags,
I see humility and healing.
Where you see brokenness and tears,
I see beauty and restoration.
I AM the God Who Sees.

I AM El Shaddai — The All-Sufficient One
When you feel lonely and forgotten
My love revives you.
When you cry out in bitterness
My grace covers over you.
When you feel used and dried up
My waters flow freely to you.
I AM the All-Sufficient One.

I Am Elohim — your Creator
Where you think you’re ugly
I make only perfection
Where you think you’re a mistake
I form only a masterpiece.
Where you doubt your worth
I hold a treasure.
I AM your Creator.

I AM El Elyon– God Most High
When you fall short
Fall on me.
When you stand tall
stand on me.
When you finally break
Break for me.
I AM God Most High

I Am Adonai — your Master
Where you’re bound by fleshly pleasure
I break your chains.
Where you seek fulfillment elsewhere
I serve you.
Where you’re trapped in lies
I set you free.
I Am your Master.

I see you when you don’t see me.
I am enough for you even when you doubt me.
I’ve created your beauty though you fail to see
You hold onto your chains though I’ve set you free.
When will you believe?

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  • Kayla.Digger

    Wednesday, 25 Jul, 2012

    Cried through this whole story ~ Kayla your karate student

  • thefisherlady

    Tuesday, 07 Aug, 2012

    through tears… so very beautiful!


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