In my Absence is His Presence

A few years ago, I wrote
a poem as my mission prayer for Swazi:
Not my Love to Give
I have learned what it is to love deeply
from the heart.
But I have learned that it is not my love to
give; it’s Yours.
So, let me love so boldly, believe so
fight so selflessly, hurt so deeply,
serve so humbly, surrender so wholly,
and forgive so endlessly that I completely
and ALL they see is you, Jesus.
May they not remember me, but remember Your
I didn’t realize it
then, but this prayer has transformed my life in Swazi, which is why it forever
holds my heart. The most beautiful part of the miracle of Tenele’s life is that
it is not about me or what I did.  In fact, if it were about me and her
renewed life depended on me, then she wouldn’t be where she is today because I
could never be enough or do enough.  That’s all part of being human.
 That’s why Paul praises and celebrates weakness and struggle (2
Corinthians 12:8-10) because where our strength ends is where God’s truly begins!
 There is no better example of this than Tenele herself.  
It seems
all of the best things happen while I’m gone, which on the one hand is a little
disappointing not being there but on the other it’s incredible because it
proves God’s strength through my weakness (absence).  That way no one can
say, “That’s all you, Kate! Good job!” with a pat on the back.
 It’s not me because I’m not there!  So, as painful as it is to be
away, I know it’s how God will be glorified.  If you’ve read my previous
blogs, you’ll notice the complete transformation of Tenele from when I left her
in 2011 and when I returned this June 2012!  In my absence, God continued
to pursue Tenele and Tenele came back to the Lord!  Now most recently in
my absence, Tenele was placed HOME!  
The day after I returned
home to the states, Christina Hostetter (our long term volunteer who has
sacrificed a year of her life to serve in Swazi) drove Tenele to her home where
she was reunited with her real mother.  In her blog post, Christina

“On Tuesday,
I had the privilege to take her [Tenele] home! It was beautiful thing to see
how happy and joyful she was to be home and to see her mother’s face light up
when she saw her and her granddaughter. It made my day!”

Knowing Tenele is safe
at home is an incredible feeling; at the same time, I know how hard it is going
to be for her to STAY at home.  My mission while I’m away is to pray, so
the more who join me in this the better! Pray for her security at home and her
protection from evil and temptation to return to the life of sin and destruction that she just left. 

                                        Tenele with her mother and sister at her homestead

Another incredible event that is currently happening in my absence is HOPE FOR LIFE!
Thanks to Christina and
the MYC committee, plans for the girls home are set in action!  Litsemba
Lemphilo, Hope for Life, will house a total of 16 abused and at-risk girls with
a “respite” room for emergency placements.  With a little chunk
of money thanks to donors from England, stage one of renovation on the home has
commenced!  Woooo Hooooo!  Christina reports that the deadline for
this is one month.  Once the renovations get in full swing, Hosea’s Heart
will continual fund/support the entire renovation process as well as raise
funds to fill and run the home for an entire year.  The entire cost of
renovations and running the home (which includes electricity, food, salary for
the house mothers, school fees, etc.) is estimated at ONLY $30,000!  This
is a financial goal I know we can reach in one year.  So please join us
and donate to the necessity of resurrecting Hope for Life home.  
Visit: to donate online or for more information!

*To follow Christina and her adventures for this next year in Swazi, go to:

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