Jehovah-Jireh: The Lord Provides

Immediately after getting the kids registered at schools, I sent a message out to friends and family back home via facebook about the children’s lives and if anyone is interested in supporting them. I was thrilled by the feedback from certain individuals who are now eagerly supporting the children.

I told the kids they are being supported by people back home and they were humbled. Johannes just asked me the other day, “Mama, (that’s what he calls me now…partly in jest, but partly with meaning), should I send a thank you home on your video?” He is such a thoughtful young man and wants to make sure people from home know the importance and impact that education has here.

So, thank you specifically to Ryan Marchese, Hannah and Jamie Farish-Williford, Mom and Dad, Katie Josephson, Jen Nehls, Staci Hitch, Angie Gerlach, and Justin Martin. The children’s fees will be almost completely covered. I will give people updates on how much is left to cover for each, but I just wanted to send a thank you upfront.

It is amazing to have this support from home. Actually, one thing I have learned about being here, is that I don’t necessarily need to create a whole new school to help children’s education here…but what they desperately need is some sort of scholarship progam. So, what I want to do is set up a group and scholarship program back home that people can support individual students through school. But lots more details on that later…

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