Letter to my Lilies

My Precious Daughter,
You are called to be a lily among thorns.  You are called to excellence amidst a world
of mediocrity.  You are called to live a
life worthy of true love.  You are called
to wait—to wait for this true love. 
Enduring patience is the key to this excellence.  Too many people are satisfied with mediocrity;
they are lukewarm.  Not you.  No, my daughter, not you.  You should crave excellence, to be steaming
hot.  Waiting for the right one and
staying pure for the One will be increasingly difficult, but it will be more
than worth it.
                For, I have waited; actually, I
still am waiting for God to bring me His chosen one.  But I know he’s coming—not for me, but for you
I have waited and I have struggled; it has been lonely and empty at
times, and often I cried.   But even in
my loneliness, my bitterness, my pain, I won’t give in to mediocrity, I won’t
give in to temporary pleasure.  I have
tasted and seen the goodness of the Lord, and I will not trade that for
anything.  God has put men into my life
who have shown me excellence—they’ve inspired me to be excellent.  So, I know my husband, your father, will be
excellent.  He will come for you and for
me.  In fact, I pray for him now as I do,
you.  This is who your father will be:
                He will be “the most excellent
of men,” for his “lips have been anointed with grace since God has blessed
[him] forever.”  He is a “mighty one,”
clothed in “splendor and majesty.”  He “rides
forth victoriously in behalf of TRUTH, HUMILITY, and RIGHTEOUSNESS.”  His “right hand will display awesome deeds.
Amen.”  (Psalm 45)
                What a man, huh?  He is worth the wait because he is worthy of
leading and loving you.  He, too, is calling
you to excellence.  For, you are made to be a lily among thorns. 
my love,

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