MYC Bridging School

The creators of Manzini Youth Care (MYC) started this free school to serve as a bridging source for orphans or street children who have never had the ability to attend school due to poverty. The purpose is to give these disadvantaged out-of-school children a chance to receive primary school education, and ultimately give them the skills and certification to re-enter the mainstream secondary schools.

The school is set up so that children up to the age of around 16 are placed in grades that match their ability level, not necessarily their age level. Therefore, I could be teaching a grade 4 classroom, but have anywhere from 8-16 year olds all together in one room. I will mainly be teaching English (the language as well as literature/reading/writing…) but will also teach core subjects such as math, science, and social studdies. I will be paired with a Swazi teacher so that the students can have a translator. Though both English and SiSwati are the two official languages, many of the poor children do not know English, or only know a little. And, unfortunately, they need to know English in order to have a secure job in their futures.

I am really looking forward to the challenges and triumphs of teaching in Swazi. My main goals are the following:
-learn more SiSwati so I can better teach my students
-learn about and evaluate the current school system
-experience how the school is run so I have references for building one in the future
-make connections with other educators and other Swazis to start making plans for building a school together
-explore the areas of Swazi where I have not been, and find the place where there is the greatest need for a free school (though the need is common everywhere)
-Lastly, but most importantly…to follow Christ’s example of love

(I wrote this to give you some more details and background about what I will be doing, but there will be more to come once September gets closer. I will keep you updated…and I would love it if you’d keep me in your prayers.)

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