New Growth Partnership Spotlight: The Love > hate Project

One of the coolest blessings to come from the “Scars: Up From Ashes” tour this summer was lasting partnerships with local organizations who have similar missions, visions, and values… and The Love > hate Project is one of those incredible organizations! Their mission is “ENDing Interpersonal Violence, Promoting Forgiveness, and Presencing Love” 🤍

When asked what makes Hosea’s Heart a ministry that stands out to them, they shared, “We first discovered Hosea’s Heart when we were asked to participate in their show tour in Wisconsin. The description of “Scars: Up From Ashes” led us to know we did not want to miss the opportunity to partner with the cause. At the event, our hearts were forever touched and transformed by the brave souls who committed to share a part of themselves most individuals would shy away from. Every beautiful soul on stage gained more personal power with each and every ounce of bravery exposing a dark truth that exists in the world we live in. Witnessing the results of all of the dedication and hard work of the girls, staff, partner agencies, etc. truly showed us how Hosea’s Heart stands out!” 🌟

The Love > hate Project shares that they chose to partner with Hosea’s Heart because they learned so much about the girls the night they performed in Hartford, WI and were in awe of what Hosea’s Heart has accomplished over the last decade. “We saw many parallel experiences, as we also fight to end a dark truth of interpersonal violence within our world. We instantly knew collaboration is necessary to ENDing Interpersonal violence, Promoting forgiveness and Presencing love. It is our similar mission, vision and values that Hosea’s Heart aligns with us.”

When asked what they are most excited about for the future of Hosea’s Heart and the New Growth expansion, they shared, “We are excited to see the building of new foundations and possibilities for new homes. Everyone deserves a home. Hosea’s Heart has a commitment to being a sacred safe space. We want to be a part of creating sacred safe spaces to help each girl heal from within and build a new life filled with love, joy and experiences every human deserves to have. We are all connected at heart and want to send our love and healing energies to every one of the girls, staff, partners and/or agencies that are involved in the rehabilitation of challenged lives.”

THANK YOU to everyone at The Love > hate Project for linking arms with Hosea’s Heart and helping us get closer to getting girls in need off of the waitlist and into our HOME ❤️

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