New Growth Partnership Spotlight: O’Herrin Family

Behind the scenes of Hosea’s Heart, the past 2 months have been filled with jaw-dropping generosity 🤍 There have been MANY moments that leave us celebrating, teary-eyed, and speechless… and it’s because of people who have excitedly said “YES! We are all in to seeing the “New Growth” expansion become a reality!”

So before we share how much we have raised so far, how much of our goal is remaining, or anything further… we want to SPOTLIGHT some of the churches and individuals who have become the driving force for New Growth 🥳

Today, we are spotlighting the O’Herrin family! Pat and Amy have known the Martins for years, and their daughter was friends with our Director, Mary-Kate, in high school, so they were aware of her Christian example. They share, “HH started out as a tiny mustard seed with Kate’s desire to help one girl. As we saw it blossom, it was obvious God was doing a strange and wonderful thing. We prayed about if we should support HH and it was clear God wanted us to. We feel very blessed to be a part of it.” 🌟

When asked what they are most excited about for the future of Hosea’s Heart and the New Growth expansion, Pat and Amy shared, “We are excited to see the resources used to their maximum to share God’s love with as many girls as possible. Also the opportunities to expand to other places and promote God’s kingdom into all the world is amazing.”

Thank you, O’Herrin family, for partnering with Hosea’s Heart to make “New Growth” into a reality and bring more girls off of the waitlist and into our family!

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