Return of the Prodigal Daughter

I have read the story of the prodigal son many times before, but I have never really thought about how the father felt the moment he saw his son coming…until now. After waiting and waiting and waiting, the day finally came when his son returned! Well…the next day after Tenele’s visit, I was sitting at the table in the common room when I heard my name. It’s usually a daily occurrence when someone comes to the house calling my name, and sometimes it gets annoying because all I want to do is chill out so I don’t always go to the balcony right away to answer. But this time I leapt out of my chair because the voice that called my name was…TENELE!

She came with Temu, Londi, and Ayanda again. We hung out at the house for a bit and then went to the mall to print some pictures of the girls. After the mall, I expected to say goodbye, and though Ayanda and Temu left, Tenele, surprisingly wanted to go back with me to the house. This never happens…she’s usually the first to leave, so I was quite shocked. Again, she told me she was going to come every day this week. I smiled and said, “okay,” trying to hope for her to follow through again, but at the same time tried not to get my hopes up to be crushed again. At the end of the day, I walked her and Londi partway home, and she held my hand the whole way. It was one of the best days with her, because it was like the real Tenele, the young, innocent, beautiful, full-of-life Tenele-Belle was back. I wanted to bottle up the memories of that day, such pure joy of seeing her, I couldn’t help but think immediately of the father when his son returned.

Here is a bit of my journal entry of the day:
3-21-11 Journal Entry
I have cried out again and again, “How long, oh Lord?” And with your mighty and merciful and majestic arm you have answered, and once again blown me away by your goodness and glory! Thank you for surprising me by Tenele’s presence and appearance on her own today. This is the FIRST DAY she has come to the house by her own will in two months! YEBO JESU! Oh it was so amazing. The prodigal daughter is returning!

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