Simple Fingerprints

Some people come into our lives for but a moment, only to leave fingerprints on our hearts forever.

Sister Mary Jane is a woman I knew for only a few months of my life while I lived Swaziland.  Although we didn’t interact much, the moments when we did were always impactful.  Sr. Mary Jane was a patient, kind, and wise woman who centered her heart on the Lord.  She was full of the fruits of the spirit, and it was so refreshing amidst the environment in which I lived daily.  I remembered specifically one time when I went over to the sisters’ house to talk.  She let me vent about my frustrations and listened to my hurting heart when I explained Tenele’s story.  She felt the pain with me and shared a similar story of her own.  She then left me with simple but profound words that hadn’t even had the chance to cross my mind yet:

“This heart of yours for prostitutes may be your life calling.”

 I was not in any shape to accept that as a life calling at the time but later on Nov. 23rd, 2011, I wrote in my journal the following few words: “Life-calling? Scary!  But maybe…”

Though Sr. Mary Jane left Swazi that December, shortly after her insight on my life-calling, I feel like I have known her for longer, or at least that she had known me for longer.  She came into my life for but a moment, but her simple words are everlasting fingerprints.

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