Stirred Souls

When I stand in front of my classroom, I see
thirty-one pairs of hungry eyes looking to me.
They come to class with a yearning mind and soul,
wondering if they can really be made whole.
Their stories are beyond my understanding of pain;
yet, they don’t show sorrow; they know to play the game.
Sometimes they don’t listen to what I say,
and getting their respect is a challenge every day.
Trying to manage their behavior is quite exhausting,
Teaching them is no chocolate-covered frosting.
But when I get frustrated and want to leave the place,
I look into their eyes to what’s beyond the face.
For behind their hardened shells, it is easy to see
Thirty-one yearning souls—who want the same things as me.

They want to be loved, to be noticed, to be heard,
To feel important, to feel purpose, to feel their souls stirred.
They want someone who will listen, one to give them a chance,
Someone with patience to lead them in life’s dance .
They want someone to bring hope, like the light of a star,
Someone to see them for who they truly are.
They want to dream for a future successful and bright,
Someone to encourage them when they’re too tired to fight.
They want to believe in purpose when life’s not fair;
They just want to know someone honestly cares.
They want to succeed at something…anything,
To know they can still fly with an injured wing.
They want what we all want—to be loved, noticed, and heard
Are these simple demands really that absurd?

So I embrace the challenge of teaching each beautiful soul
As I try to show them a Love that can make them whole.
It’s my commission, my purpose, my ministry
To love like there’s never an end to me.

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