Transcendent Moments

I strum a chord to signify the start of Bible study at
the girls home.  We sing “Your Great
Name,” one of their favorites and then dig into Scripture.  I had noticed the girls were in a lot of
stress.  School was about to begin and
there were still a lot of unknowns; our eldest girls were in turmoil waiting
for their Form 5 results to see if they passed, which determines the track for
their future.  I was becoming stressed as
well, as I had just started a new year teaching at ACC with added class
days.  We read Philippians and put this
verse into action: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything,
through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your requests to God and
the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and
minds in Christ Jesus.” –Phil 4:6-7 
I started playing a song and instructed the girls to pray
out their worries and anxieties and give it all to God.  I told them to pray until they can’t pray
anymore.  In a matter of minutes, the
noise in the room nearly drowned out my guitar and I could barely sing; they were
praying aloud, some softly into their hands, others loudly as if they were
calling out to Jesus.  Some sat and
prayed, others knelt.  Some bent over
face down, others walked and paced back and forth.  One cried. 
All, all of us prayed.  Something
powerful happened during these moments. 
We could all feel it.  We talked
about it the next day.  But one of the
best moments of that prayer night, was watching Lucia.  Lucia locked her eyes on Sindi and copied her
every move.  When Sindi sat down to pray,
so did Lucia.  Then she would open one
eye and peak at Sindi to see if she was done praying.  Since she wasn’t, Lucia would close her eyes
and keep praying in SiSwati as well. 
When Sindi stood up, so did Lucia. 
Then Sindi knelt back down to pray, and so did Lucia.  It was incredible to watch modeling in action
and to see all of us lay down our burdens together at the feet of Jesus.   

*                                           *                                              *                                              *
I kneel to pray as I wait for the church service to begin.  My thoughts drift to the young lady kneeling next to me.  I peak at her and smile.  Six years ago, I had begged God for this day—a day when I could share mass with umtfwana wami.  Six years ago, I often sat alone in the pew, and often my prayers were of distress.  But today?  Today, my prayers are saturated with praises and thanksgivings.  I’m in awe.  Lucia sits quietly on the pew and looks around, points to the large cross and smiles, “Mama Kate, there’s Jesus!”  Benji, who mimics my moves, kneels next to me, his head barely reaching the pew top where my hands are folded in adoration of Christ.  Umtfwana wami delights in the service, soaking in every prayer and singing without embarrassment.  I am transformed by seeing her transformed. 
Recently, she had exposed the depths of her heart and pain in front of all the girls when she shared her testimony at the girls home, crying with shame and then crying without shame, and then offered them Scripture and wisdom for succeeding in life.  Currently, she is pursuing a girl who was once in our home before and is trying by all means to offer her help. 
She sees me gazing at her and giggles in embarrassment.  “What, Mom?” 
“Oh, nothing.  I’m just so proud of you,” I squeeze her hand and she blushes and turns her attention back to the service.  I am reminded of that life’s greatest treasures are these simple daily

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  • Peg Martin

    Wednesday, 03 Feb, 2016

    How Blessed you are indeed for being allowed to experience these Gifted moments.
    I am so happy for you, Kate.


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