New Growth Partnership Spotlight: Washington County Anti-Trafficking Advocates

oday we are featuring another New Growth Parter – an organization who we absolutely ADORE & who have helped us hit the ground running on our New Growth Expansion 🤗 Introducing: Washington Co. Anti-Trafficking Advocates!

When asked what makes HH a ministry that stands out to them, Wendy shared, “There are just some people in this world that are different from most others… they stand out like little rays of sunshine in an often very dark, selfish world. These rare people just give and give for the wellbeing of others simply because they believe they can and should make a difference.”

Wendy goes on to share, “These people often do the things that others think are “crazy” and would never even consider doing. Not many people will take on monumental tasks that have no guarantees and will likely cost them greatly in their sacrifice of time, money, sometimes heartache, and often, any chance at a “normal” life…BUT…they do it anyway.
They do the hard stuff even when it would be easier not to. And they do it because they feel the calling from above, and their trust in God is so deep that they will jump off that cliff and do the crazy thing anyway, sometimes even in spite of lacking the confidence to do so (who am I to conquer such a feat…I am just me!).”

“That is what we see in the hearts of the leaders of Hosea’s Heart,” Wendy explains. “It is something very special and unique that can only be understood by another who also feels that calling…we think the world of HH, and we feel so blessed to have had our paths cross on this journey…we also look forward to future endeavors and seeing the HH ministry grow!” 🥹🤍

What are they most excited for looking toward the future of HH? “Due to new growth and expansion, more humans will receive the love, safety and nurturing care that they so deserve and crave… We are also looking forward to what other spectacular things are going to come from that original tiny seed, that persistent voice that said “Say YES to My will and together we’ll do unbelievable things!!” …the possibilities are unlimited with our God!” 🤍

Thank you to everyone at Washington Co. Anti-Trafficking Advocates for your partnership with Hosea’s Heart and for the incredible work you are doing to fight trafficking right here in WI! 😊

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