Creatively Resourceful

“Creatively Resourceful” — a branding that makes us unique

Running a non-profit and needing it to grow can cost a lot of money, resources, and time. But we are a small non-profit. We were often advised, “In order to raise money, you need to spend money.” That may be true in business and many non-profits, but as a unique ministry, we strive to utilize the resources around us. Often times, people are so distracted with lists of what they need that they tend to overlook what they have. This takes away the glory of God’s provision. We make it a priority to acknowledge what God has given us and how he has blessed each of us with many talents. Therefore, because we are a small organization operated by volunteers (even our Executive Director raises her own missionary salary), we strive to be creatively resourceful in all parts of our ministry!

All the pictures, videos, images, print material, etc. is produced by us and partner individuals who have donated their talents. We thank our supporters for these priceless gifts:
-Photo credits: Emily McNiel, Lynn Rhodes
-Video credits: Garret and Mary-Kate Martin
-Logo credits: Aaron Owen
-Website credits: Justin Martin (Plain Name Media) and Garret Martin

Lastly, we want to thank Co-Founder Chris Owen for instilling this unique branding in us from the beginning. With his own $1,000 he birthed the business part of Hosea’s Heart and started the Dream for Dream campaign with his Ironman competition. We wish him the best as he now serves in the Peace Corps in Ecuador.


If you would like to be a part of our “creatively resourceful” branding and donate your talents to improve our State-side or Swazi-side work, please contact us at

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