We Give Thanks

In celebration of Thanksgiving, we wanted to share some incredible blessings we are recently grateful for:

  • We are so thankful for our sponsors! Because of your generosity, within six months, all of our girls are now fully sponsored!
  • All our volunteers: Thank you to all of you behind the scenes, especially our Board members, Kirsten Bandt, Garret Martin, Mary-Kate Martin, Peg Martin, Steve Martin, Pat O’Herrin, Rachael Berthiaume, and Christina Venerick. We are also thankful for those who have donated their time and talents both in Swazi and in the States, especially: Lynn Rhodes (counselor and photographer), Pastor Justice (Pastor in Swaziland), Jim and Elysa Mac (onsite missions mentors), our onsite interns/staff (Rachel Palmberg, Lora Ellinwood, Alyssa Wilmoth, and Brittine Brady), Justin Martin (website), Emily McNiel (photographer), Jenna Mickschl (graphic design), Mckenzie Laurent (Dream for Dream Fundraiser), and all of you wonderful volunteers who help with events.
  • We are thankful for “From the Ashes” fundraiser which was an incredible success for the organization as a whole! Thank you to all those who donated items for the silent auction, for those who donated extra money, and those who bought items for the ministry from our ThanksGiving tree. The girls will have great gifts to open this Christmas! (Two years ago we had our first big Christmas, and our oldest girl almost cried as she held a present. “In twenty years, I’ve never opened a gift on Christmas,” she whispered in gratitude.)
  • “New Roots: from Ashes to Oaks” – At the fundraiser, we launched our New Roots campaign, which is a 3 hectare, 13-building project. “New Roots” compound will house up to 56 girls and include staff housing, a school, workshop, agriculture and small-scale farming, and other incoming-generating projects. There are several phases to this project, but our first major expense is the land itself and preparing it for the building process.
  • Thanks to a grant, a one-time donor, Lucille Wells, and the donors at “From the Ashes” silent auction fundraiser, our land (which cost $45,000) is fully covered! FULLY COVERED!
  • AND… Great Lakes Church of Kenosha, WI has selected Hosea’s Heart to receive their Christmas offering. Their donations go to preparing our land, which includes clearing the land, digging wells for water, and providing electricity.
  • And of course, we give all the credit, glory, and praises to God, our King of Kings, who lays out the plan before us and calls us continually on this mission of pursuing those who others deem “unworthy.” God is good. ALL the time! Thank you, Jesus.

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