Miracles in the Making

Because I have been busily occupied with our incredible team, I haven’t had much time to dig into the relationships with my girls. My teammates, being as supportive and empowering as they are, encouraged me to get some time alone with them, so I took full advantage.  For a morning I took Tenele and Ayanda with me into town and we got a few things they needed and enjoyed one another’s company.  There was nothing profound that happened, but the sharing a simple daily activity was everything I needed.  It was wonderful to pour into them, encourage them, and challenge them.  I told them they need to be role models in the house because the younger girls need to know how to behave in certain situations.  Tenele is such a hard-worker.  Our whole team has been in awe of her servanthood.  Halfway through the week Tenele took my clothes while we were out and washed them.  Then, each day this week, she has asked another teammate for their dirty clothes, and she gets up early and washes them for us.  So, in addition to taking care of two kids, a six week old baby who was very sick (but now is MUCH better), she cleans the house, does laundry, and today she was even washing the van.

She is a living, breathing miracle.  Every time I look at her, I can hardly imagine she is the same girl a year and a half ago.  Her strength, and her newfound faith, humbles me.  She has changed my life in so many ways, and I told her today that I can’t wait for her to one day be the house mother of Hope for Life home; when I told her that, her face lit up and she smiled from ear to ear, “Yes, yes!” While so many people have said no to her and turned her away and thrown her out again and again, she still says yes; her yes is precious to the Lord.

After talking with the girls about being role models, I shared my own thoughts, struggles, and triumphs with the girls.  We talked about a particular male friend of mine, whom they adore and asked if he was going to be their “daddy.”  I laughed and explained that you can’t have a good relationship with someone if there isn’t any trust, and they agreed.  But then I said, “One day the Lord will give me my husband, your father.  One day.  But until then, ‘my Maker is my Husband, the Lord Almighty is his name, the holy one of Israel is my redeemer, my very great reward,’ (Isaiah).”

They both smiled.  Ayanda grew quiet and then said to me, “I wish to worship God as you do.”
I was shocked.  I have never met anyone more full of the Holy Spirit than Ayanda.
“Oh, you do, Ayanda, you already do!”

My girls are my blessing.  I praise God for using them to lift my heavy heart.  I praise God for allowing me to see and be with his miracles in the making. What an encouragement for us all; that nothing is impossible for God, that we are all called to be his miracles–examples of his Lordship over our lives.

[I am in the process of writing a book about Tenele and all my Swazi adventures, called Every Day a Miracle.  I brought copies with me to edit/revise and I showed them to Tenele.  She ate it up!  She’s been reading and reading and realizing that I know more than she thought I knew.  Titi, also read every page of parts i and ii and asked for the rest of the book when I’m finished. It was so neat to see Tenele reading a story about her and to be reminded and encouraged of her redemption in Christ.  That she indeed can believe she’s a miracle.]

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  • Lenny

    Friday, 12 Jul, 2013

    Hey Mary Kate,

    Thanks for saying Yes to Jesus and staying the course for the job he has placed in your path in Swazi. Not only am I praying for the safety of you and the team but praying every day multiple times for you all to be the face and hands of Jesus and you all will be used for his Glory ! Your commitment to the ministry he has given you is an inspiration … As Paul say … Keep up the Good Fight ! Have a great week & God Bless …


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