There is no “I” in TEAM

Other GREAT news is that God is giving me a TEAM!!!!!!!!!!

I had been very frustrated with plans for the girls home and dreams of what I wanted to help do in Swazi, but didn’t have the help I needed. Throwing my hands up in disappointment, I said, “What do you want me to do, God?” It has been SOOOO difficult and painful being burdened with things that people here do not understand and cannot understand and therefore don’t show the support and effort I need. But God has been working this whole time behind the scenes, gathering up a TEAM! I am SO excited for what God will do through us! (And YOU if you’re interested… :])

I met a high school friend for coffee one morning a few days ago and was BLOWN away at what we covered in a simple hour. God had put one thing on each of our hearts and we unpacked it with awe and excitement. God had been putting the girls home on Chris’ heart for a long time and he had some dreams and ideas of his own in supporting this home. When he told me about it, he said a few times, “Kate, don’t feel any pressure to go along with any of this, I just want you to know that the offer is here.” I could barely contain myself. “Chris, this is what I have been praying and WAITING for all along…a team!”
“Good! Because that’s exactly what we want to be: a team!” He was referring to his four siblings.

Moreover, he donated the first VERY LARGE chunk of money for the fundraising efforts, to kick it off with “no strings attached.” I cannot thank him enough, because that was another frustration about being here. I don’t have money to start anything and even to fundraise you need a chunk of money to get going. With his donation (and knowledge) our next step is to contact a lawyer and get an official non-profit org set up.

In Swaziland, as volunteers we went to some leadership training sessions and during some sessions we talked about teams and different leadership styles, and how a team works best. A team is most successfull when there are numerous talents, or in Chris’ business terms “assets” and each contributes something different. For example, I know my strength in a team is not organization or the business side of things. I am the creator, the planner, the encourager, the people person. I don’t do finances, can hardly keep track of my own calendar, and am horrible on any side of the adminstrative gifts. And that’s where God brought Chris in. He has the administrative skills I lack and the support I need. HOW GLORIOUS is God! I still am so excited about this because it’s actually happening. This is something I could not do alone. Not only has God brought Chris and his family onto the team, but I had another divine appointment this past weekend.

I was at Haley’s graduation party when I ran into a few friends. I had been Haley and Emma’s camp counselor over four years ago but stayed in touch with them and their families. Emma’s mom, Kris, has always been a big supporter and engaged in doing things for World Vision. When I ran into her at the party, she was thrilled to hear about the girls home. She invited me to come to her house in a few weeks and talk more about it. I have no doubt she is another teammate God is bringing into the picture. She is going to be a big part of the fundraising and has already said she is behind this 100%. She is going to speak to her church and get a presentation day set up to help start the fundraising! And she already has some great ideas!

Wow, God! He just never ceases to amaze me. 🙂 I am so thankful for the team he is stirring up. And if you’re reading this and your heart is stirred to help, too, PLEASE JOIN THE TEAM in any way you wish!

MORE TO COME…until then…

Salakahle! (Stay well!)

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