• 2020 Ambassador Trip – Applications Open!

    2020 Winter Ambassador Info Packet and Application   Every winter, we get excited to invite a group of visitors to Swaziland to join our family for a couple of weeks with our Winter Ambassador program. Earlier this year, we made some really cool changes to the program (read about it here!) extending the reach of Read More
  • An Ironwoman’s Dream

    Some of you might recall one of our very first fundraisers which began our Dream for a Dream program- an Ironman race, run in support of Hosea’s Heart. It’s a beautiful thing when dreaming comes full circle. We’re really grateful and excited for Danielle to be the next Ironman- or IronWOMAN- to offer one of her

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  • New Roots: Phase I

    If you have not yet heard about our exciting update- we’re expanding! Next week, our first ambassador team will arrive to help begin the first stages of building this new campus-style compound. The new compound will house up to 56 girls and will include staff and volunteer housing, a school building, a workshop, and other

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  • Creatively Resourceful

    “Creatively Resourceful” — a branding that makes us unique Running a non-profit and needing it to grow can cost a lot of money, resources, and time. But we are a small non-profit. We were often advised, “In order to raise money, you need to spend money.” That may be true in business and many non-profits,

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