An Ironwoman’s Dream

Some of you might recall one of our very first fundraisers which began our Dream for a Dream program- an Ironman race, run in support of Hosea’s Heart. It’s a beautiful thing when dreaming comes full circle. We’re really grateful and excited for Danielle to be the next Ironman- or IronWOMAN- to offer one of her dreams in support of the young women of Swaziland!

On September 9th, Danielle will participate in her first Ironman race- Ironman: MadisonFor the previous nine months, Danielle has devoted her life to 15-20 hours a week of intense training to prepare for this race as a member of a team of triathletes who will be competing together to raise money for childhood cancer research. Danielle was inspired to step up to the blocks after watching and cheering on other triathletes who took on the challenge- including many triathletes with physical disabilities who fought so hard to overcome the impossible. Faced with the question, “what’s my excuse?” Danielle decided it was her turn to face the challenge. She will be competing alongside her fiancé who she says is “ridiculously good” and has completed four other Ironman races, including the same Championship in Kona that co-founder Chris Owen competed in. 

In addition to their team’s support of childhood cancer research, Danielle wants to invite friends and family to consider taking the opportunity to support another organization that’s close to her heart. “I would like people to donate to Hosea’s Heart because I can’t imagine the challenges that they go through on a daily basis. We get so caught up in our first world problems of traffic, work, DVR not working, etc, I completely forget that my best friend Kate is fighting so hard in a country that has no idea what these luxuries even are.”

As one of the “Fab Four” best friends in high school- tattooed together for life, Danielle has had a front row seat to the joys and challenges of Mary-Kate’s journey through founding Hosea’s Heart. Experiencing the physical challenges of pushing through training, Danielle reflects on what she’s witnessed over the years. “I’ve dedicated this nine months of my life to this training and it has been tough mentally- I cannot imagine what it’s like to give up your entire life to live away from your entire family and friends, and continually help others in need and put them first.” Inspired by her friend’s perseverance, Danielle wants to embody that same quality for others. “I separated my shoulder about four weeks ago and it was a major setback. I was devastated because I couldn’t swim and felt like all my training was gone to waste- but then I thought of all the times Kate had been knocked down and she continually pushed through those obstacles and figured it out in the end. No matter what life would throw at me back in the day, Kate always showed the strength that everyone needed to continue moving forward.”

So, it’s Danielle’s turn to take the challenge to you, as you consider fighting alongside her as she faces the Ironman:

“What I want people to do is to donate on behalf of all the times they have been set back in something and fought through. We all experience struggling times in our own way, but I want to be able to reduce struggles for Kate and Hosea’s Heart by providing whatever we can to her.”

Donate below to take on Danielle’s challenge for you in her dream for a dream.


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  • Jerry W

    Monday, 27 Aug, 2018

    Sounds like a fantastic cause and a strong person helping others.


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