Flying S-O-L-O

I always knew leaving the people I love would be difficult, but I never knew it would be THIS difficult. This last week of preparation before my trip has been nothing less than stressful, emotional, and chaotic. With my grandpa in the hospital and the reality that I have to say my final goodbye tonight is painful; yet, I know God is close to the broken-hearted. I hate to leave at a time like this, and leave the ones I love when they are in pain, but I know the Lord is faithful; I thank Him for the wonderful past few days spent with my grandparents and family. I have been blessed tremendously with so much support from family and friends throughout the whole process of this mission, and it blows me away how much I can feel the Lord’s love through it all. It is very clear I cannot do this on my own; for in my weakness is the Lord’s strength.

I soon will be taking a 16 hour flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg, where my good friends Musa and Ncobile will pick me up and drive me to Swaziland. I start teaching on Wednesday, so it will be quite the quick adjustment! I look forward to keeping you updated. Please keep me in your prayers.


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