Generation of Quitters

“We are not here to make an impression.  We are here to make a difference.” -Ann Voskamp

“Everyone loves ‘justice’ until there’s a cost.” – Eugene Cho

“We are called to spiritual warfare, not to a sheltered life of comfort without pain.  Our comfort comes from knowing who God is.  We are called to be overcomers, not avoiders.” -Dean Sherman

“Satan tries to prove to us that God fails us when our circumstances are less than ideal and even painful.  We can react in hurt and bitterness towards God or we can react with absolute trust in His character.” -Dean Sherman

“Gratitude starts movements.” -Ann Voskamp

“Will we pursue justice with joy?” -Eugene Cho

“Pray to stay broken.” -Ann Voskamp

“Don’t be afraid to tell hard, messy, broken stories.” -Ann Voskamp

“Living a life for Christ means constant interruptions.” -Bob Goff

“We are the Esthers. We are to risk everything for those outside the gate.”  -Ann Voskamp

“We are a generation of quitters.  We quit our places of leadership.  We quit our marriages.  We drop out of the church.  We get hurt and discouraged and quit.  Don’t we realize that this is a part of warfare?  ‘For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God, you may rec3evei what was promised’ (Heb 10:36).  Satan is in constant hope that God’s people will give up–that their cirucmstances, the tasks set before them, and the daily adversities of life will be too much for them to endure.” -Dean Sherman

“Too many Christians quit minutes before the victory.” -Dean Sherman

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