Never Been Kissed




“In the most difficult times of ministry, I was never rescued by my knight in shining armor; instead, I was blessed with people to make my armor shine.”

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Mary-Kate Martin, has published her first book! And we want our Hosea’s Heart family to be the first to know! For the past decade, Mary-Kate has enjoyed writing and blogging about the heartaches, joy, disappointments and surprises of ministry, hoping to bring our supporters with her on this journey. But this book is even deeper than that. Within these pages, you will discover what formed the heart behind this beautiful organization, Hosea’s Heart. This is not a journey of missions or how she started Hosea’s Heart; rather, it’s an emotion packed memoir of discovering identity and worth and passion amidst three decades of singleness. Find out for yourselves how she learned that singleness wasn’t about finding the one, but becoming the one.

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