Hosea’s Heart Paper Beads




Unlike your usual paper beads, these Hosea’s Heart Paper Beads are made from Hosea’s Heart’s own paper scraps. Trying to be good stewards of our supplies and materials, we use our own outdated advertising materials along with magazines found in Swaziland. You will find these beads built around cores and then polished, making them sturdy and  beautiful.

Because of our partnership with a generous bead store in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, and their donations of “orphan beads”, we are able to create  a variety of styles of bracelets, transforming our unique, yet simple Hosea’s Heart Paper Beads into stunning or simple  designs.

(Most bracelet “chains” are made by the women, using a weaving technique with cotton thread. Others are made with leather cord. Each bracelet is secured with cord tips and magnetic clasps.

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